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Ishta means the Lover in Sanskrit. It is composed of notes that create the most dynamic, intimate ambiance.

Comprised of Vetiver, Amberwood and Sandalwood, Ishta is a warm, earthy and spicy scent.

The aroma evokes passionate feelings that can even enkindle a midnight delight. Ishta’s scent undoubtedly captures the hearts of lovers igniting an undeniable flame.

Concerned with the impact on the environment, our candles are 100% made of vegetable wax and essential oils.


Approximate Burn Time:
40 Hours


L * W * H - cm:
7.5 Diameter x 9 H / 185 Grams


Tips for prolonging the life of your candle by ELISE SOM.

- Burn Time

A candle should stay lit long enough for all of its surface to liquefy. Ideally, 2 ½ to 3 hours (4 hours maximum), this avoids the formation of craters and deposits on the side of the glass.

- Trimming the Wick

Before lighting your candle make sure the wick is about 1 cm, trim the wick if necessary. Too long of a wick may produce a flame and risk of excessive black smoke.

- Precautions for Use

Never leave a burning candle unattended and do not let it burn for more than 4 consecutive hours. Keep it out of reach of children and pets. Always put the candle on a flat and stable surface which can resist to heat and fire. (Example: never place it on glass and wood) and within distance of any flammable material. Do not touch, lift or move a lit candle, it can become very hot: wait for it to cool down. Do not extinguish it with water or by using other liquids.